Landscape Maintenance

We have served Santa Cruz County’s landscaping needs with a commitment to personal service and quality workmanship. Locally owned, involved, and active in company management ensures attention to detail and the customer satisfaction necessary to meet today’s quality and service expectations.

Hanblebar Landscapes offers pruning and trimming — the cutting or removing of branches or parts of trees for improving their shape or growth. This is the most common tree maintenance procedure. Usually, trees are pruned as a preventive or corrective measure to remove dead branches, crowded or rubbing limbs, to eliminate hazards, and to increase light and air penetration. Since each cut to a tree has the potential to change its growth, it is important to educate yourself — no branch should be removed without reason.

We also offer stump grinding and tree removal services. It is the most cost effective way to remove stumps and minimize the amount of damage to your property.

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